How To Use Silicone Candle Molds

candle molds e1311218606693The mind has infinite and limitless abilities to create. Candle making is an aftermath of creativity and passion. The desire to make colors shapes and styles that are appealing to the senses. And for your candle creations, you need to have a mold that will help you achieve the products of your thinking.

Although there are many candle making molds available, the most preferable today is a silicone mold. A silicone candle mold is easy to use even if you are newbie. It has a stretchable and flexible material so you can easily take out the finished product. But even if you are a professional candle maker or a business-minded enthusiast, you can never go wrong with a silicone candle mold.

It is easy and convenient to use a silicone candle mold. First, select the type of wax to use. Omit a gel wax because it is incompatible with silicone. Melt your selected wax using an external heat source for it to liquefy and fit your silicone candle making mold. The great thing about silicone candle mold is that you do not need to spurt a vegetable spray or any release solution spay into the candle mold. After the wax warms to the desired temperature you can pour it directly into the mold. Pour it slowly to avoid bubble formation that could disfigure your candle.

You can also add scents, fragrances and colors before the wax totally solidifies. Let the wax cool and eventually harden. But before it completely hardens, don’t forget to put your wick. Once it is completely cooled and hardened, remove the candles from your silicone candle making mold. And lastly, now you have a candle for a finished product.

You can have various designs and shapes and even colors. Silicone candle molds can be purchased in arts and crafts stores or candle specializing stores. You can even custom-made your own silicone and create wonderful gifts and business novelty. Be unstoppable and test the infinity of your creative ideas.

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